Beginner Hacks: How to Make a Marketing Plan Outline Like a Pro

When you just started a business, you don’t only need a brave. You must fill yourself with knowledge too, such as making a marketing plan outline. Maybe you are sales, then understanding this brief is very important. Whatever you are, as long as your life is not far from offering product or service to gain profit, knowing how to make this one is necessary.

In this article, you will find how to make a marketing plan outline special for a beginner. There are tips below, so your result seems like the hand of a pro. Don’t underestimate your work, because probably that could be the one who finally a goal for partnership or attracting the investor. One thing you must remember, this brief is very essential. It is your roadmap to achieve what we call as a “success”.

1. Do a Research

It is the process that people usually skip before making the marketing plan. In fact, the most effective plan is based on the real problem then it is extracted to a solution on the paper. Thus, research is necessary to find what is your goal. You can do market research through forum discussion, spreading questionnaire, and many more.

2. Design the Executive Summary

Now it is time to start making the outline. Put the executive summary as the opening. You can start by showing the result of your research. You can also discuss the previous problem and success. This might attract the reader. Remember, only write the main point or interesting issue here briefly. Don’t make this part too long because you can explain more in the other parts.

3. Explain the Business

After you let people know what your concern is, then relate it into your business. No matter you sell a product or offer a service, make your business as the best solution for it. Put your vision, mission, value, and many things related to your brand personality. Also, don’t forget to explain why the market must choose your business instead of rivals.

4. Identify the Target Market

After you explain the business, now identify your market here. What the business is especially for, for example, based on gender, economy class, geography, or even the lifestyle. The more details, the more people can understand your business identity. Also, it is easier to create a communication strategy when you can define your target market.

5. Explore the Competitors

Besides you introduce your product, you also have to know who are the rivals. When you know them, you can anticipate any possibilities further. The competitors may come from the same product or service. Also, you have to pay attention to the substitution too. Because there is a possibility that your business is replaced by them.

Exploring the competitors is not only knowing their marketing strategy. You must dig deeper from it. Exploring their strength and weakness, their future plan (if you can do it, then you are awesome), and their PR strategy.

Actually, making a marketing plan outline is easy. As long as you really know where you stand, your goal, and what do you want people to understand. Thus, give some breath to your business.