Best Photography Schools In The World For International Student

best photography schools in the world

Being a professional photographer could be achieved by entering the school. Today many photography schools around the world. You can choose based on their rank, reputation, famous alumni, until its facility. Some of them offer you a scholarship program. Of course, if you are interested in joining the program, you must fill their requirements. However, the best photography schools in the world are the right place to learn this thing theoretically and practically.

best photography schools in the world

Everybody can join this school. No matter you are the amateur, professional, or the one who focuses on the degree. These best photography schools in the world are well-known by people as the best place to learn photography from the basics. But, if you are the pro already, you probably only need certain courses to complete your skill and knowledge.

1. New York Institute of Photography

This school was also known as NYIP. Over the years NYIP offers the best quality of photography learning. You can choose various courses here, such as Marketing for Photographers, Video Making and Story Telling, and many more. Even though this school is old enough, it doesn’t mean the syllabus is not updated. Within this digital era, NYIP has several courses related to technology today. For example, Digital Photography, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography, and many courses you will need to face the trend.

2. The Light and Life Academy

If you are the pro or someone who seeks a diploma degree, this school is worth to be explored. Since 2001, The Light and Life Academy maintains its class for the student to be a professional photographer. The other reason why this is the best school is that you can customize the courses. They don’t only focus on theory and practice. But also allow the students to do as their free-will. This school seems a bit different from any other photography schools.

3. University of New Mexico

Being a student at UNM means you have a rich perspective of photography. Because UNM makes the students understanding wider. They provide interdisciplinary for the approach, like sound, performance, until the installation. The study is available for undergraduate and graduate, just choose based on your goal. If you know Brian Jay Jones, the NY Times Best Selling Photographer, then he is the one who studied here.

4. Speos International Photo School

This school is in partnership with prestigious organizations, such as ac Magnum. Over 30 years Speos experienced in teaching photography for many students. The schools are located in two cities, London and Paris. You can choose your own program which starts from 5 months until 2 years. Also, there are various subjects, like sports photography or fashion photography.

5. Rochester Institute of Photography

Unlike the other school, RIT offers you various majors but in specific areas. You can choose fine arts photography, journalist, even biomedical photography. Seeing this specific concern, you might decide what kind of photographer you want to be.

Choosing the best photography schools in the world needs some considerations. Be clear of your goal, then embrace your dream to become the expert of it.