Want Games For VR Android? We Have The List For You

Games For VR Android

In this modern life, many games are born. Know, VR or Virtual Reality is born to be the best game. Many people like to play VR games on Android. Not to mention, games for VR Android are of good quality. To play this game, you need some equipment that has expensive price such as VR play station, Oculus rift, and many others. But, you don’t need to be a worry again.

If you want to play VR games, now, you can play VR games on your Android or mobile device with an Android program. You don’t need to have this expensive equipment to play a VR game, but you just need a smartphone. So, what games that you can play in your Android? here are the games for VR Android that you need to know.

1. Zombie Shooter

A zombie shooter is a great game which is you will fight with some zombies and try to be a winner. Many people like to play zombie shooter because this game is fun. You need to survive in a place that contains zombies inside. You will fight them and kill them. The zombies come suddenly and you need to fight them by your weapon.

2. Romans from Mars

This game is about a tower defend. In this game, you need to protect and defend your tower from your enemy. This roman from mars game will provide you a cool weapon such as arrow launcher. It is not just arrow launcher you can choose your arrows such as ice, thunder and many others. You will like this VR game.

3. Germ Busters

The germ buster is about war with some germ in a room. You will fight will germ and try to clean them using a green gun. The gun will trap and kill them. When you play this game, you will have free control of your move. This game also provides a colorful appearance that will make you glad to see. You will like it.

4. VR Street Jump for Cardboard

The fourth game for VR Android is VR street jump for cardboard. As the name, street jump, in this game you will try to cross the street that was full of vehicles. You need to cross the street as many as you can. More you can pass the street more you can get the point. You will also love this game so much.

5. Sisters

In this sister game, you need to answer the mystery. Not only just answer the mystery, but you will also meet a frightening moment in a frightening house. With VR technology, this game will seem real that makes the game more frightening than usual. If you like horror, you must be like to play the sister game.

Those are the explanation about Games for VR Android. When you finish reading this information, you need to try this VR game in your Android. Thank you for reading this article and hopefully, this article will inspire you, valuable and meaningful for you see you in the next article.