5 Reasons Why You Must Have Best Smart Car Ever

best smart car ever

The smart car was firstly launched on the street in America. Since it hit the road, people are attracted to this small vehicle. Like every head is turning to see how adorable the smart car is. But, is it worth to buy one? One to dub as the best smart car ever is SMART EQ FORTWO. The car steals the market’s attention. It is suitable for those who are in minimalist life. There is no wasted space inside, but you will be amazed by its interior design.

best smart car ever

If you explore more, you can find the other smart car around the world. Even though it is still strange seeing this little vehicle on the street, there are certain people who buy it. You might wonder why those people having a little car while they have more than two people in a family. Find the reasons why you must have the best smart car ever at least one:

1. The Safety

Having a smart car doesn’t mean less safety as you probably think. In fact, a smart car can be more safety that you have ever wondered. Just because the size is little, it is not completed with a safety feature. Since safety is standard for every vehicle, a smart car fills that standard too. For example, four airbags on each side.

2. The Price

Talking about the price, a smart car has a competitive number. You can choose based on your budget and the model of course. There are cheaper models in the market. Also, it depends on where the smart car is marketed. For example, you will find a different price between the US and the Asian.

3. Eco-Friendly

If you concern about the environment, then you must have a smart car. This vehicle is eco-friendly transportation because a smart car is designed to less consume fuel, or it is special using non-petrol like electricity. It helps the earth to reduce the greenhouse effect, thus, what makes a smart car environmentally responsible.

4. Proper Size

The design of smart car commonly for two passengers. Actually, you can modify or choose the size based on your needs. It is also available for four passengers. Indeed, the size is not common and look like the other car. However, when you choose the smart car is not only about prestige. You must also understand how useful and environment-friendly the vehicle is.

5. Build the City

As we mentioned above that using a smart car is not only for yourself. You help much the environment. Furthermore, you help to build the city become more orderly. You reduce the traffic and the crowd. In many countries, such as Europe, people realize that the parking lot becomes limited. Thus, using a smart car is one of the solutions they choose.

Those are the reasons why you must have the best smart car ever. The designer now is not only thinking about the market taste or commercial thing. It is more about how to be responsible for the environment. Yes, talking about the smart car you cannot avoid from the earth, human living, and environment issue. Because, in fact, this vehicle is the best solution for it.

5 Breakthrough Inventions That Changed The World You Should Know

5 Breakthrough Inventions That Changed The World You Should Know

We couldn’t separate human and invention. Since human’s earlier days on earth, they evolved an easier way of living. Thus, there many breakthrough inventions that changed the world to make human life easier. From hunting, planting, even until transportation that scribed in the history of humankind.

When talking about this topic, then the names of James Watt with his steam engine would come to our mind. Also, how without Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulbs, we might still live out of candles. But aside from the two of them, there are other breakthrough inventions that changed the world. Here they are:

1. Arabic Numerals – Al-Khawarizm and Al-Khindi

Back in the days, the scholar used Roman Numeral for counting. But the problem is, the numeral system was too troublesome for huge numbering. Thus, they need for simpler numbering method and here came in the Arabic Numerals.

Although called Arabic numerals, actually, Al-Khawarizm and Al-Khindi inspired by Hindi’s ancient numeral system. But the two mathematicians used a dot (.) to represent zero (0). This way, they can repeat the number just by adding the zero. Then, this numeral method adopted by the European and East Asian.

2. Morse Code – Samual F. B. Morse

Morse changed the way of communication ahead of his time. Although around the time (in the 19th century) telegraph existed, it was slower. Thus, following the development of the electric telegraph with his peers, Morse came out with a certain code.

The code used electrical pulse and silence. This Morse Code encoded the standard text into dash and dots (dits and dahs). The code was available in 26 English alphabets, Arabic numbers, some non-English letters, also several punctuations and procedural signals.

3. Brake Pads – Berta Benz

Who would think that the inventor of the brake pads we use today was a woman? Yes, it was Berta Benz, the wife of Karl Benz. The German woman was the ones who test-drive her husband’s invention, Motorwagen, for 65-miles distance.

On her way to the test drive, she solved some problems with the Motorwagen. On the same journey, she also invented the brake pads as one of the safety points while driving the vehicle. With her invention, she successfully made the company’s first sale.

4. Glider – George Cayley

The plane is important in our modern days. But, when in the giant flying bird, do you ever think back how it was at the beginning? Way before plane decorated the sky, George Cayley thought ahead of his era. This Baronet tried to work down with the modern aeronautical.

He then dubbed as the father of aviation. As with his invention proved his understanding of the basics in flying the heavy flying vehicle. Until today, his understanding of weight, lift, drag, and thrust still used in the aeroplane design.

5. Mechanical Knight – Leonardo da Vinci

Actually, there are many things that Leonardo da Vinci invented, but it would too many to put on this list. Thus, we choose the Mechanical Knight as representative. The design was ahead of his time (in the 15th century) and too extravagant for people’s way of thinking during that period.

This intention also called Leonardo’s robot, since it just likes the modern-day robot. But different from the previous inventions on this list, da Vinci inventions mostly based on how he imagined it would be. He even drew tank models 400 years before the first tank existed.

Those above are the breakthrough inventions that changed the world we’re living. We wouldn’t know, without those inventions what would happen in our lives today.

Be Careful Of The Harmful Malware For Android That Can Attack Your Phone

harmful malware for android
harmful malware for android

Malware is an application or small program that has been designed to disrupt and damage the system on any device. Not only computer devices, but there are several harmful malware for Android. Then, how are the characteristics of Android affected by malware or another virus? Here is an explanation about that.

Types of Harmful Malware for Android

The Virus that attacks Android can result in limiting Android functions, collecting personal information, deleting data, can even make unauthorized purchases. There are various types of viruses that can attack Android.

  • Malware. Malware is a virus that takes over android functions such as sending text messages and stealing personal information. So, if the phone has been exposed to malware, quite serious damage will occur.
  • Ransomware. Ransomeware is a virus that locks a file or application and request a ransom from the target to unlock it. If the target does not pay the ransom, then the data is permanently deleted.
  • Adware. Viruses that work by creating advertisements on applications or web pages that can cause security breaches. Adware is a useless virus or a useless program.
  • Trojan horse. The purpose of the Trojan horse is to obtain information from the target to claim access on target. Android users are careful because it is like stealth, it looks like the fine program but it turns out to be evil.
  • Spyware. The mission of spyware is monitoring internet user activity and displaying advertisements. This virus also often used to steal information or data from someone.

The Characteristics of the Android

There are several characteristics if Android when it exposed to harmful malware. How to recognize the characteristics of Android affected by malware? Here the explanation:

  • The unknown application appeared that you never download. Try checking the application list to see if there are any unknown applications. If you find any unknown application, remove it as soon as possible. 
  • Android experiences a blank process when running applications. If it happened once, maybe it wasn’t a virus. But if it happens several times, then it’s sure a malware. 
  • The android battery runs out faster. When your phone battery drained faster than usual, then you should feel suspicious. Because it might be because of a malware attack.
  • Get an additional short message service fee on the bill. Some malware sends text messages to the target and raises costs to the target. Of course, this is very harmful.

How to protect Android from malware

There are several ways to protect Android from malware attacks. First, by installing an anti-malware application. Second, turn off the settings that can allow Android to install applications outside of the Play Store. The trick is to enter the security settings, select do not allow installing applications from unclear sources.

Third, always update the application on Android if the update is available on Google Play. Fourth, before downloading the application, first, check all application permissions. Fifth, when using public WiFi, use VPN to protect data.

Already Attacked by Malware?

If the malware already attacked your Android, just remove the malware. First, you have to uninstall the suspicious application. Then, look for the Android Device Manager menu in the settings menu then select security see the device administrator section. Third, revoke administrator rights permissions on applications that cannot be deleted. Fourth, restart Android.

Those are some things about harmful malware for Android. Don’t panic, even if malware attacked your Android phone. Because it’s easy to overcome.