Be Careful Of The Harmful Malware For Android That Can Attack Your Phone

harmful malware for android
harmful malware for android

Malware is an application or small program that has been designed to disrupt and damage the system on any device. Not only computer devices, but there are several harmful malware for Android. Then, how are the characteristics of Android affected by malware or another virus? Here is an explanation about that.

Types of Harmful Malware for Android

The Virus that attacks Android can result in limiting Android functions, collecting personal information, deleting data, can even make unauthorized purchases. There are various types of viruses that can attack Android.

  • Malware. Malware is a virus that takes over android functions such as sending text messages and stealing personal information. So, if the phone has been exposed to malware, quite serious damage will occur.
  • Ransomware. Ransomeware is a virus that locks a file or application and request a ransom from the target to unlock it. If the target does not pay the ransom, then the data is permanently deleted.
  • Adware. Viruses that work by creating advertisements on applications or web pages that can cause security breaches. Adware is a useless virus or a useless program.
  • Trojan horse. The purpose of the Trojan horse is to obtain information from the target to claim access on target. Android users are careful because it is like stealth, it looks like the fine program but it turns out to be evil.
  • Spyware. The mission of spyware is monitoring internet user activity and displaying advertisements. This virus also often used to steal information or data from someone.

The Characteristics of the Android

There are several characteristics if Android when it exposed to harmful malware. How to recognize the characteristics of Android affected by malware? Here the explanation:

  • The unknown application appeared that you never download. Try checking the application list to see if there are any unknown applications. If you find any unknown application, remove it as soon as possible. 
  • Android experiences a blank process when running applications. If it happened once, maybe it wasn’t a virus. But if it happens several times, then it’s sure a malware. 
  • The android battery runs out faster. When your phone battery drained faster than usual, then you should feel suspicious. Because it might be because of a malware attack.
  • Get an additional short message service fee on the bill. Some malware sends text messages to the target and raises costs to the target. Of course, this is very harmful.

How to protect Android from malware

There are several ways to protect Android from malware attacks. First, by installing an anti-malware application. Second, turn off the settings that can allow Android to install applications outside of the Play Store. The trick is to enter the security settings, select do not allow installing applications from unclear sources.

Third, always update the application on Android if the update is available on Google Play. Fourth, before downloading the application, first, check all application permissions. Fifth, when using public WiFi, use VPN to protect data.

Already Attacked by Malware?

If the malware already attacked your Android, just remove the malware. First, you have to uninstall the suspicious application. Then, look for the Android Device Manager menu in the settings menu then select security see the device administrator section. Third, revoke administrator rights permissions on applications that cannot be deleted. Fourth, restart Android.

Those are some things about harmful malware for Android. Don’t panic, even if malware attacked your Android phone. Because it’s easy to overcome.