Best Photography Schools In The World For International Student

best photography schools in the world

Being a professional photographer could be achieved by entering the school. Today many photography schools around the world. You can choose based on their rank, reputation, famous alumni, until its facility. Some of them offer you a scholarship program. Of course, if you are interested in joining the program, you must fill their requirements. However, the best photography schools in the world are the right place to learn this thing theoretically and practically.

best photography schools in the world

Everybody can join this school. No matter you are the amateur, professional, or the one who focuses on the degree. These best photography schools in the world are well-known by people as the best place to learn photography from the basics. But, if you are the pro already, you probably only need certain courses to complete your skill and knowledge.

1. New York Institute of Photography

This school was also known as NYIP. Over the years NYIP offers the best quality of photography learning. You can choose various courses here, such as Marketing for Photographers, Video Making and Story Telling, and many more. Even though this school is old enough, it doesn’t mean the syllabus is not updated. Within this digital era, NYIP has several courses related to technology today. For example, Digital Photography, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography, and many courses you will need to face the trend.

2. The Light and Life Academy

If you are the pro or someone who seeks a diploma degree, this school is worth to be explored. Since 2001, The Light and Life Academy maintains its class for the student to be a professional photographer. The other reason why this is the best school is that you can customize the courses. They don’t only focus on theory and practice. But also allow the students to do as their free-will. This school seems a bit different from any other photography schools.

3. University of New Mexico

Being a student at UNM means you have a rich perspective of photography. Because UNM makes the students understanding wider. They provide interdisciplinary for the approach, like sound, performance, until the installation. The study is available for undergraduate and graduate, just choose based on your goal. If you know Brian Jay Jones, the NY Times Best Selling Photographer, then he is the one who studied here.

4. Speos International Photo School

This school is in partnership with prestigious organizations, such as ac Magnum. Over 30 years Speos experienced in teaching photography for many students. The schools are located in two cities, London and Paris. You can choose your own program which starts from 5 months until 2 years. Also, there are various subjects, like sports photography or fashion photography.

5. Rochester Institute of Photography

Unlike the other school, RIT offers you various majors but in specific areas. You can choose fine arts photography, journalist, even biomedical photography. Seeing this specific concern, you might decide what kind of photographer you want to be.

Choosing the best photography schools in the world needs some considerations. Be clear of your goal, then embrace your dream to become the expert of it.

Want Games For VR Android? We Have The List For You

Games For VR Android

In this modern life, many games are born. Know, VR or Virtual Reality is born to be the best game. Many people like to play VR games on Android. Not to mention, games for VR Android are of good quality. To play this game, you need some equipment that has expensive price such as VR play station, Oculus rift, and many others. But, you don’t need to be a worry again.

If you want to play VR games, now, you can play VR games on your Android or mobile device with an Android program. You don’t need to have this expensive equipment to play a VR game, but you just need a smartphone. So, what games that you can play in your Android? here are the games for VR Android that you need to know.

1. Zombie Shooter

A zombie shooter is a great game which is you will fight with some zombies and try to be a winner. Many people like to play zombie shooter because this game is fun. You need to survive in a place that contains zombies inside. You will fight them and kill them. The zombies come suddenly and you need to fight them by your weapon.

2. Romans from Mars

This game is about a tower defend. In this game, you need to protect and defend your tower from your enemy. This roman from mars game will provide you a cool weapon such as arrow launcher. It is not just arrow launcher you can choose your arrows such as ice, thunder and many others. You will like this VR game.

3. Germ Busters

The germ buster is about war with some germ in a room. You will fight will germ and try to clean them using a green gun. The gun will trap and kill them. When you play this game, you will have free control of your move. This game also provides a colorful appearance that will make you glad to see. You will like it.

4. VR Street Jump for Cardboard

The fourth game for VR Android is VR street jump for cardboard. As the name, street jump, in this game you will try to cross the street that was full of vehicles. You need to cross the street as many as you can. More you can pass the street more you can get the point. You will also love this game so much.

5. Sisters

In this sister game, you need to answer the mystery. Not only just answer the mystery, but you will also meet a frightening moment in a frightening house. With VR technology, this game will seem real that makes the game more frightening than usual. If you like horror, you must be like to play the sister game.

Those are the explanation about Games for VR Android. When you finish reading this information, you need to try this VR game in your Android. Thank you for reading this article and hopefully, this article will inspire you, valuable and meaningful for you see you in the next article.

5 Steps On How To Develop Branding Strategy For Your Future Business

How To Develop Branding Strategy

Everybody who has a brand usually needs to develop its brand to be bigger. Thus, the questions on how to develop branding strategy surfaced. Because the function of branding is to make other people or society know and interested in using the brand.

By branding, people will know and after they know the brand, people will try to use it and makes the brand famous. That is the main goal that people want to achieve. Therefore, people need to have a branding strategy to promote their brand.

But, most of them still confused about how to develop a branding strategy and sometimes, they do anything but they cannot get that achievement. This article will show you how to develop branding strategy, especially for your future business. Here they are:

1. Identify the Target Clients You Want

Identifying clients is the most important duty to do. When you think that you don’t need to identify who are your target clients or whose consumer will use your brand, it was the first mistake that you have done.

What is the function of identifying the target clients? The function is to determine how the way you make a statement and promote your brand. Every single part of the branding strategy must be suitable for the target clients. Therefore, you need to understand well about who are your target clients.

2. Researching the Target Clients

When you still confused about who is your target clients, you need to do simple research to determine your target clients. It starts with whose will suitable to use your brand and find the clients want. You have to open your mind up to know what the clients want. You should make them interested in used your brand because they need your brand.

3. Develop Your Name, Logo, and Other Identities

The name, logo, and other identities are also important in branding strategy. When you have already made people know and use your brand, you need to make them remember about your name, logo, and other identities such as an address, how to buy the brand.

It will be difficult for your client to know and remember your brand if you didn’t make everything clear. You need to put your name, logo, and address in the box or just give a paper that contains the information.

4. Develop Your Product

The fourth thing you need to do is developing your product. When you have a big question about how to develop a branding strategy, you should remember developing your product. It happens because the main point of branding strategy is your product quality. The clients will be interested in your brand if you have a good quality product.

5. Make a Website

The last is you need to have websites to promote your brand. You can make an article about your brand and make people interested in reading the article. This way also makes people know your brand.

Maybe that’s all about how to develop branding strategy. The key to your success is your patient itself. Keep spirit and keep promoting your brand.

The Prestigious Photography Competitions For Amateurs You Shouldn’t Miss

Photography competitions for amateur

Photography contests are always exciting for everyone. Moreover, you are the amateur who must be want to win the prizes. The camera, the equipment, or the money is so interesting. Even you are not a winner, it is a pleasure to have your photo curated and displayed in the exhibition. Thus, don’t miss these photography competitions for amateurs that are prestigious.

Some of the competitions ask the participants to submit several photos. They can edit or add a little touch. But, some others require the original result without effect at all. That is why you need to understand its requirements. Unless you will be disqualified from their categories.

1. iPhone Photography Awards

This is dedicated to iPhone users only. No matter you are the amateur or pro, the judges will see your captures as is. You can submit as many as you want as long as it matched their requirements. First, every photo is taken by iPhone or iPad photo. Second, the size is not larger than 1000px. This competition results in many iPhone photographers around the world, including participants who join the IPPAward, an Oscar for the mobile photography world.

2. International Photography Awards

International Photography Awards could be the prestigious photography competitions for amateurs. They have one category for the non-professional, including the amateurs. All of the winners will be prized with money, exhibition, and trophy. Also, their photos are collected in one book “International Photography Awards”. What makes this competition is interesting that the “one-shot” street photography contest category.

3. The Amateur Photographer Awards

Every year this competition has a high prize. More than that, the winnings will be published in the magazine, both in printed and digital. The judges are experts and experienced in amateur competition. So, they have a special skill to see the potential and unique thing in amateur captures. The Amateur Photographer Awards collaborates with Sigma and Photocrowd, a camera and lens company in Japan.

4. National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition

No need to be a pro for joining this competition. Even though there is a special category for a professional photographer, you can submit for the other category. Winning this contest is not about the money. Once you are noted as National Geographic winner, your life as a photographer is set. This competition forbids you to make manipulation. They just allow you to do the basic adjustment.

5. Monochrome Photography Award

It is for black and white lovers. They separate the judgment for professionals and amateurs. All winners are right for money, exhibition, certificate, and published book. The rule is the photo definitely must be in black and white, film, or digital. If you want to give tone, like Sephia, you can do it. So, amateurs, this is time to show your capture to the world. If you interest in this competition, they charge you for submission costs. But don’t be worry, it is worth your experience.

There are lots of photography competitions for amateurs globally. Each competition has its concern and category. Find out which suitable with your style, explore, and submit your masterpiece. Sometimes they also give you seminars too, so you can improve your knowledge, skill, and relation.

Be Careful Of The Harmful Malware For Android That Can Attack Your Phone

harmful malware for android
harmful malware for android

Malware is an application or small program that has been designed to disrupt and damage the system on any device. Not only computer devices, but there are several harmful malware for Android. Then, how are the characteristics of Android affected by malware or another virus? Here is an explanation about that.

Types of Harmful Malware for Android

The Virus that attacks Android can result in limiting Android functions, collecting personal information, deleting data, can even make unauthorized purchases. There are various types of viruses that can attack Android.

  • Malware. Malware is a virus that takes over android functions such as sending text messages and stealing personal information. So, if the phone has been exposed to malware, quite serious damage will occur.
  • Ransomware. Ransomeware is a virus that locks a file or application and request a ransom from the target to unlock it. If the target does not pay the ransom, then the data is permanently deleted.
  • Adware. Viruses that work by creating advertisements on applications or web pages that can cause security breaches. Adware is a useless virus or a useless program.
  • Trojan horse. The purpose of the Trojan horse is to obtain information from the target to claim access on target. Android users are careful because it is like stealth, it looks like the fine program but it turns out to be evil.
  • Spyware. The mission of spyware is monitoring internet user activity and displaying advertisements. This virus also often used to steal information or data from someone.

The Characteristics of the Android

There are several characteristics if Android when it exposed to harmful malware. How to recognize the characteristics of Android affected by malware? Here the explanation:

  • The unknown application appeared that you never download. Try checking the application list to see if there are any unknown applications. If you find any unknown application, remove it as soon as possible. 
  • Android experiences a blank process when running applications. If it happened once, maybe it wasn’t a virus. But if it happens several times, then it’s sure a malware. 
  • The android battery runs out faster. When your phone battery drained faster than usual, then you should feel suspicious. Because it might be because of a malware attack.
  • Get an additional short message service fee on the bill. Some malware sends text messages to the target and raises costs to the target. Of course, this is very harmful.

How to protect Android from malware

There are several ways to protect Android from malware attacks. First, by installing an anti-malware application. Second, turn off the settings that can allow Android to install applications outside of the Play Store. The trick is to enter the security settings, select do not allow installing applications from unclear sources.

Third, always update the application on Android if the update is available on Google Play. Fourth, before downloading the application, first, check all application permissions. Fifth, when using public WiFi, use VPN to protect data.

Already Attacked by Malware?

If the malware already attacked your Android, just remove the malware. First, you have to uninstall the suspicious application. Then, look for the Android Device Manager menu in the settings menu then select security see the device administrator section. Third, revoke administrator rights permissions on applications that cannot be deleted. Fourth, restart Android.

Those are some things about harmful malware for Android. Don’t panic, even if malware attacked your Android phone. Because it’s easy to overcome.