The Prestigious Photography Competitions For Amateurs You Shouldn’t Miss

Photography competitions for amateur

Photography contests are always exciting for everyone. Moreover, you are the amateur who must be want to win the prizes. The camera, the equipment, or the money is so interesting. Even you are not a winner, it is a pleasure to have your photo curated and displayed in the exhibition. Thus, don’t miss these photography competitions for amateurs that are prestigious.

Some of the competitions ask the participants to submit several photos. They can edit or add a little touch. But, some others require the original result without effect at all. That is why you need to understand its requirements. Unless you will be disqualified from their categories.

1. iPhone Photography Awards

This is dedicated to iPhone users only. No matter you are the amateur or pro, the judges will see your captures as is. You can submit as many as you want as long as it matched their requirements. First, every photo is taken by iPhone or iPad photo. Second, the size is not larger than 1000px. This competition results in many iPhone photographers around the world, including participants who join the IPPAward, an Oscar for the mobile photography world.

2. International Photography Awards

International Photography Awards could be the prestigious photography competitions for amateurs. They have one category for the non-professional, including the amateurs. All of the winners will be prized with money, exhibition, and trophy. Also, their photos are collected in one book “International Photography Awards”. What makes this competition is interesting that the “one-shot” street photography contest category.

3. The Amateur Photographer Awards

Every year this competition has a high prize. More than that, the winnings will be published in the magazine, both in printed and digital. The judges are experts and experienced in amateur competition. So, they have a special skill to see the potential and unique thing in amateur captures. The Amateur Photographer Awards collaborates with Sigma and Photocrowd, a camera and lens company in Japan.

4. National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition

No need to be a pro for joining this competition. Even though there is a special category for a professional photographer, you can submit for the other category. Winning this contest is not about the money. Once you are noted as National Geographic winner, your life as a photographer is set. This competition forbids you to make manipulation. They just allow you to do the basic adjustment.

5. Monochrome Photography Award

It is for black and white lovers. They separate the judgment for professionals and amateurs. All winners are right for money, exhibition, certificate, and published book. The rule is the photo definitely must be in black and white, film, or digital. If you want to give tone, like Sephia, you can do it. So, amateurs, this is time to show your capture to the world. If you interest in this competition, they charge you for submission costs. But don’t be worry, it is worth your experience.

There are lots of photography competitions for amateurs globally. Each competition has its concern and category. Find out which suitable with your style, explore, and submit your masterpiece. Sometimes they also give you seminars too, so you can improve your knowledge, skill, and relation.