The Famous and Best Photographers in the World

Photography is a big trend not only for the technology world but also the art world. For an image photo, a photographer uses a camera to capture. The first camera was found in the 1800s. But as technology has grown, it becomes bigger and greater. Although it cannot be denied that camera equipment does help them work, but their talent is the main key. However, the most famous and best photographers in the world do not depend on their images on the gear. They are all pure talented.

Photography has a big genre in the field. Starting from journalism, landscape, portrait, fashion, art and still many more. Photography now is not only a profession but also a hobby and a life trend. Although many people are starting to learn photography, it could not replace the legend photographers. Here are the top five best photographers in the world.

1. Steve McCurry

One of Steve’s most famous photos is the “Afghan Girl” that shows her beautiful, deep green eyes. It was the cover of the National Geographic and made a hit. There is a great story behind the “Afghan Girl” photo and also the other photos that he has captured. Its meaning and deep pictures is one of Steve’s specialist. Steve has also written some popular bestselling books.

2. Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna is one of the best photographers that use black and white color for his photos. His specialize is in landscape and ethereal light photos. He could capture a single picture using a 10 hours exposure. Not only he has produced great pictures, but he has also published some books as well.

3. Lisa Kristine

Another American photographer. It is Lisa Kristine. She is not only a humanitarian photographer but also a speaker and an activist. The photograph from Lisa itself has supported a lot of charity and humanity organizations. Some of her photos are even used for culture documentation. Until now, she is still active in photograph, speaker and activist.

4. Phil Borges

There is a lot of famous photographers that specialize in indigenous and tribal cultures. One of the best photographers in the world in this genre is Phil Borges. His works are spread and exhibited in several famous museums. He has also written some books that are available in four languages. His books have achieved some awards. Phil is also active teaching in several International Classes.

5. Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a portrait photographer from England. Beside his excellent work result, people still critics his photos. People think that he puts danger the person he captured. As others critics that his photo is unreal. Jimmy also gets critics from other photographers. Nevertheless, more people appreciate his artwork more than critics.

As the world of photography keeps increasing, the best photographers would not be forgotten. People would remember photographers that do not only capture great moments. People would also remember the story in it. Like a saying, a picture speaks a thousand words. That is just how people would memorize the best photographers in the world.