The Importance of Color in Ads You Might Never Realize

Sometimes we are impressed with some ads visualization. They are colorful, attractive, and very influencing. Surprisingly, the brand used the psychology of color. It is a usage of color that can give psychology effects, such as happiness, mysterious, optimism, and other emotions. Is it amazing right how color can impact our buying decision? To make everything is clearer, in this article we share you the importance of color in ads you might curious.

Actually, it has been a long time the professionals applied the psychology of color. But not many people realize about it, perhaps including you. Furthermore, the use of color is not only for the ads, but also to the whole media. The website design, social media posts, and many more. Seeing the importance of color in ads is very vital, below are things you need to know about it:

1. Color Stirs People’s Mind

We have mentioned a glance that colour affects buying decision. For the simple example, you must be attracted to the thing that is your favorite color, right? It seems like there is something linked with yourself. Then, it happens the same way for the ads. When you see the design is very attractive with your favorite color, you might pay attention. Moreover, when certain color dominates, it can influence you to buy.

2. Color Builds an Identity

Have you ever wondered why the platinum card is using black color? Or why does mostly kids’ product contain red, yellow, and blue in combination? It is because every color has its own identity. For example, black represents elegance, mature, and simple. While yellow is suitable for brands that give energy, happiness, and joy. You can explore more about the meaning in every color. Choose the right color based on the identity you want to build.

3. Color Symbolizes an Issue

The ad doesn’t always have to full of copy. Sometimes the creative people only shows you one image and one dominated color. These are enough to present what they really want to communicate. Because when you apply certain color, it speaks meaning to you. That is why green is often used for earth or environment campaign. Red for showing something urgent or dangerous.

4. Color Creates Idea

When the color is appealing with the content, it might help you to create an idea. Color is just like a hint for your brain. Once your brain realizes for something that can be explored, then your brain will not stop too. So, see as many as the ads in many media. Then you can feel if see it separately.

5. Color Connect the Customers

Many business people and the advertising agency now know that color can connect to the customers. Some of them were doing research before making a logo and choose the color. It is due to how strong one color relates to people’s perspective. 

If someone cannot remember your logo or ads, then you must do an evaluation. It is probably you put t a wrong color. Also, it could be the logo is not match with the color. Knowing the importance of color in ads should make you master in creating attractive visualization.